Tempera Games

Tempera Games is an indie game studio with a passion for games. With this passion we will develop a new game called "Switch & Ditch".


Our Team


Gameplay has to be engaging and, most importantly, fun. With their passion our designers strive to deliver this and more to our players!


With fun and engaging gameplay we need a beautiful world to be engaged in. We couldn't do this without our strong and experienced team of artists.


With a beautiful world and fun gameplay we need a team to make it all work. Our developers work day and night to ensure that you can play our game!


Our marketing team make sure you and all your friends know us, Tempera Games!

Switch & Ditch

Switch & Ditch is a couch co-op game made to have fun with your friends. You want to have all the attention right? In Switch & Ditch you have to stay in sight of the camera at all times, if you don't you lose. Push others out of sight to win!

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Switch & Ditch has been released on Steam and XBox One!

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